Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Long Weekend Stress

I've lost a lot of time and money from this long weekend. I'm therefore on the side of the Asian countries that look down on unnecessary holidays! Most four-day weekends occur in Christian countries that celebrate the likes of Easter and Christmas. Am I safe to suspect laziness from the guy that drafted this calendar? SA politics has made this month worse too! Instead of the 22nd being chosen for national elections, couldn’t they pick one of the many public holidays that have befallen us?

If I don't find a way to escape these long weekends or public holidays, I'm going to be dead broke and behind schedule with all my projects. A friend of mine, who has been waiting for months for a car fix from an accident, is feeling the punch too. He has to wait another 2 weeks just because of these "holidays". If he's lucky that is…

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peele Cryptex Commandments

I thought I should set out some rules for my blog page to circumvent any future problems with regards to conduct by myself and anyone that comments on my posts. But firstly, I’ll give a brief explanation of the origin of my blog’s title.

Non-Swedish Peele - With a good look at my profile picture, I think one can deduce my lack of Swedish traits. At first sight of my name, Peter Peele, people always expect to meet a Swedish looking chap. I’m used to arriving at meetings only to be greeted with a “You’re black!?”. I’m 50% Xhosa and 50% Tswana. That leaves no fraction for European genes. What!?

Cryptex – neologism coined by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptex

Now on to the rules (these apply to both of us):
Rule 1:
You will try your best to use full English words and avoid usage of SMS/Mxit language. I tolerate misspelling but always cringe at the site of “wn r u cumn hm?” or anything to that effect.

Rule 2:
You will not show signs of limited vocabulary by using foul language…

Rule 3:
If you’re going to use any of my posts as reference warn me in advance. Some of the stuff I write sometimes is just vent and can be far from truth/fact.

Rule 4:
Holler back!

Back on the blog

I’m back… made my first big mistake… that of not frequently posting or updating my profile. This morning I was heavily chastised by an uncle of mine for this negligence. I tried to use the excuse of time and he said something like “You will always have time. Desire and passion is what can cease to exist.” I feel like a king!!! Blogging is my passion!!! All I have to do now is find some context in which to put future rambles… Watch this space!