Thursday, June 18, 2009 to target NYDA

So the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) launched on Tuesday (June 16th) and is promising new funding opportunities and entrepreneur support programmes. NYDA is a merger of Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) [] and the National Youth Commission (NYC) []. I’ve heard too many different reasons for this merger, so I won’t disclose any out of fear of posting inaccurate info.

Putting politics aside, this merger has given me a new sense of hope and I think it might be the kick needs. Although this is a low cost idea, there are some issues they could help address. I need a more pimped-up corporate identity as this is an entertainment industry idea. I know UYF used to offer vouchers for such needs. I need high-quality cameras. These are just some of the costs I need to cover and, with economic recession, I’ve been unable to address them out of my own pocket.

I’ve been through this funds-hustling route before for previous projects and gave up with that bitter taste of “you need to be connected to get funding”. I’m going to give it one last shot seeing that the idea is targeted mainly at the youth and there might be some corruption uprooted from this merger. They claim that the new agency’s integration of skills and expertise will strengthen operations, so I’ll assume that I won’t have to go through the same bureaucratic process I went through previously.

My first step is to draft a business plan that complies to their needs. I’ll post one up soon… so keep checking. Secondly, get the look and feel of up to a presentable state. The site design is currently more focused on functionality than the bling-factor. This should prove a bit of a challenge since I’m not a graphics monkey. Let’s see… NYDA here I come!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Blogging Tips I'm Going to try out

I’ve been slacking... No photos for, no blogging, no Joomling, no etc. :-D

Sometimes it's difficult to distribute your efforts equally among your different income streams., being one in the making, had to take a back-seat for a while.

I've been reading random stuff though… just to get my mind off the routers and switches that have been getting me home exhausted for the past two weeks. One interesting article I came across had a list of blogging tips that I thought should be shared and swear to abide by from this point on. The summary:

1. Focus your expertise
This applies more to professional blogs but it’s something I’ve had many debates about with various bloggers: If I’m following your blog to keep abreast with breast-reduction technology, then I don’t want to read a full post about your romantic night out with Miss Diamond-Eyes on your blog. I’m still open for debate though…

2. Blog regularly
i.e Don’t be a Peele… enough said.
But one trick I learnt from the author is that you can write more than one blog whenever you get the time to blog and save the drafts for later publishing. I’m not sure if that’s going to work for me, since I plan to blog on my daily experiences with for a while.

3. Show your personality
This might not work for professional blogs, but I can tell you this: the only reason why I read my Operating Systems textbook in varsity, from back to front, was because of the author’s way of balancing his professional and personal touch to every chapter.

4. Encourage feedback
Something I’ve failed to do on this blog… start a conversation. This would help a lot for feedback once I’ve completed the look and feel for

5. Keep updated
Always stay alert of comments on your blogs and respond quickly. It keeps people coming back… RSS-feed.

6. Use photos to sell
We all have a cousin that claims that they don’t read novels because of the lack of pictures and too much text… yeah.

7. Include links to other blogs
No, you won’t lose followers if you write interesting articles.

8. Use proper grammar and spell-check
I think I stressed this enough in an earlier post

9. Ensure readability

10. Be personal
Part of encouraging conversation is never to write in the third person.

I’m back!!! Once I’ve hacked this Joomla template for, I’ll be begging for your feedback on the look and feel… keep on blogging!