Monday, January 23, 2017

A Lonely Afternoon with a Facebook Clone

One lazy afternoon I got a Facebook Messenger greeting from what appeared to be one of my aunts. All the cells in my body had to sit up because, in my reclusive life, a message from an aunt usually means I have to prepare for a major event like a funeral, wedding or tombstone unveiling. It's very rare that they just check up on my disappointing life.

Three interactions in, I started suspecting that my aunt had gone over the limit of her grape juice intake for the day. Her grammar was horrible and we skipped the introductory pleasantries too quick even for someone like me who hates such.


The “80,000.00 cashier check” was a clear sign that I was speaking to someone wearing a gold chain, gold tooth, crucifix tattoo and running multiple Facebook chats from stolen laptops. I had a long boring night ahead of me so I played along.


This dude sends me to a Facebook group which I think would look legit for a non-techie. If smarties can fall for MMM then this page was up to scratch. I mean who would doubt any of this after being shouted at with an “OKAY THANKS” to seal the deal right?

Or miss an opportunity to be edited into this picture?

I then launched a complaint/report to Facebook in the meantime, only to realise that it would take a day for them to bring this man down. That's enough time to attack my aunt's entire list of Facebook friends. Also enough reason to continue wasting his time...


Small test to confirm whether this dude has any South African bone in him:

The rest of the conversation was just me bouncing some startup ideas off him. He eventually gave up on me and probably concluded that I would be a crappy nephew to have.