Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Week Without My Spiderman Suit

After having to give up my superpowers, I've had to search around the Internet for what normal people get up to in the evenings when they're unable to save the world and carry the occasional drunkard home. Notes:

  • Write a blog post everyday
  • Make at least one meme per week (video and/or image)
  • Do your best to keep your To-Do List short so that you can have time to watch Youtube videos of Life Hacks and other mind-numbing home-made videos.
The following is my first meme made using the popular Impact font. I even added a watermark of my Twitter handle to the image. Good luck finding it. I can safely say I've figured out the basic tools in Gimp.

Shout out to the artist who made the original image. Check out his website for some great paintings: Aaron Jasinski