Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Peter’s 8 2013 Goals

I chose 8 instead of 10 because 8 is a Fibonacci number and a magic number in nuclear physics… I had initially made it 9 goals but had to take out my goal to do less rambling and get to the point quicker in my posts.

1. Watch more Kung-Fu movies and be ever-ready to kick ass. If it wasn't for pretending to be Zulu at a club last night, some Ndebele dude could have kicked my ass. These tactics of intimidation will probably only work on New Year’s Eve.

2. Spend less on booze as part of a boycott of overpriced alcohol at clubs. Last night we were paying R35 for a “dumpie” that only costs R5 from the brewery. The Black Diamond screwed it all up for us!

3. Speak like a character from Game of Thrones at least once a week. This is Phase1 of my new way of getting rid of Telemarketers. Phase2 will take it to Shakespeare level. My phone will be switched on more often this year. Call me naaiers!

4. Exercise more… not just jogging a maximum of 5 kilometres a week like last year. Use Goal1 above for motivation.

5. Read more books that are “out of hype”. If more than 2 of my friends recommend a book this year, I'm staying away from it.

5.5 Only buy books when I'm out of country. With all my loyalty, Exclusive Books didn't give me much free coupons from my Fanatics membership last year.

6. Watch a random soapie once a week as part of my “Tolerance Training”.
If I'm going to spend less on booze, then the amount of small-talk required on a night out will increase. People generally want to chat to the sober guy. My Generations, Isidingo and Scandal sessions should come in handy. By-product!

7. Improve my Spanish. I still believe my wife will be Spanish and my time is getting closer.

8. Finally make my first million bucks… Nyeek-Nyeek!