Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Skateboard Broke My Bloginity

So my bloginity has been broken. This, after a lengthy debate with a discerning marketing chap and avid blogger by the name of Mongezi Mtati. All along, I’ve been a follower of a couple of bloggers, but always threw a crucifix at the thought of blogging myself. I won’t use time as an excuse as many do. You see, I was quick to fall victim to the likes of facebook, orkut, wayn, etc in their early days… not blogging. I felt these social networking platforms gave me enough web exposure. The idea of me blogging was always blocked by the thought of crapping on journalism turf… of which I’ve never been knowledgeable. I restricted my thoughts and opinion to tech forums where rules don’t apply but it’s your tech know-how that blings.

I won’t go into details but the dude, that’s usually dressed like he’s about to pull out a skateboard and kick-flip, convinced me otherwise. I’m hoping one day he’ll write an article about why all entrepreneurs and anyone looking for web presence need to blog.

So here it is: The non-Swedish Peele Cryptex. My choice of title is another long story to tell… or chance to blog. So let’s see how far the saying goes: Once you pop you can’t stop…